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Wedding Package

  • Venue Rental

    Including the Welcome Drink Area, Ceremony Area, Reception Plaza.
    The fees include access to dressing rooms and toilets.
    N.B. You don't need to worry about your car since all our guests will have a convenient and safe location to park.

  • Light System

    * Full lighting system for the whole venue
    * Dance Floor: 6 X 6 m , Plexiglas

  • Sound System

    The sound system is provided to the Welcome Drink Area, Ceremony Area and Reception Plaza, including the DJ.

  • Complementary Services

    * Generator 250 KVA and backup generator ($1000)
    * Toilets, 6 for each gender with cleaning agents (Free)
    * Valet parking Services (Free)



+961 70 02 70 04 or +961 70 02 70 06

We can provide you a full package including catering
Contact us for more details